Three tall cans sitting on the counter waiting

for a choice

Each with its own delights, a lager and two ales

One cream, one light and

One golden red

The tall boys shine with delight

Pick me! Pick me!

An english stew with red

meat needing something full

dictates the pick

Red for heated flavour, a lager for another day

And cream for the cook!


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Blog’s First Day

I didn’t know I could have space for a blog so I am testing this, listening  to James Galway and his wonderful music. Thank you sister Pat for the CD.

Hanging around during the holidays doing my 2014 budget and thinking what lies ahead next year, as if I had a crystal ball.


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Nationals 2013

Chairs in a row
Lights on stage
Of diamonds and glitter and leather and sparkle and tiaras and wigs
And dresses and polish and hopes
And dreams and sweat and
Hard work and clearly the individual
Perception she thinks
When I am grown I will take care of you and others
And we will enjoy life together
She says to me easily flowing across the chairs
And I can feel my mother in my chest
And in the dropped home-made flower that came from nowhere , found , enjoying us

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Chris Called

Chris called for Mothers Day
From the bar to watch the leaf game
They’d already eaten and had Mothers Day at the mothers
I love you  he said and Happy Mothers Day
I wanted to call and let you know
Lets talk more this week
Look right and forward through the trudge
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Saturday in May

Strings of silence in my mind
Stillness of time
Photos of memories travelling along , deciding how they want to be seen
Swirling around my stomach just to rattle what I thought was my reality
Oh you are an orphan too, being said again and again
Too short Pat
To play along the top of the memories
Hard shoes and high kicks and trophies all day
Listening to Pat play
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Who left this here
A landscape to be found, sitting on a ledge for me
Of things with ends
and endless beeps
no nurse

A happy smile for
share short moments
along the shore
of his life
Toasting the waves , hurray!

As the recede back
Oceans galore in the mind


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Curled lips
gazing eyes upwards
talking to God? or the ceiling
Your Special vision
trusting you
I see your sweet life

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